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Corn Maze Visitors

GPS for Your Smartphone

Searching for any nearby corn mazes with MazeGPS...

    MazeGPS brings the power of GPS to your smartphone where you can see your precise position in the corn maze. Our software is available on iOS, Android, Windows, and more. No app is ever required to use it: just load in your favorite web browser!

    Our software is available to be added to any corn maze, so if your local corn maze is not on board be sure to share our information with it.

    Corn Maze Owners

    MazeGPS Explorer: Let your customers see exactly where they are in your maze using their smartphone! Let everyone feel completely comfortable on their adventure while playing with a cool piece of technology. MazeGPS is now available for all mazes regardless of who cut your maze or if you did not even use GPS to cut your maze.

    Visit our Maze Owners' Page to learn more about our software and features for farms.