GPS for Corn Maze Owners provides cutting edge technology for your customers. Let your customers turn their smartphone into a GPS. MazeGPS Explorer™ provides a one of a kind technology designed to be easy to use.

Please note that MazeGPS Cutter™, our GPS technology for cutting a maze using GPS, will not be available for sale to new customers for the 2016 season as we continue to focus on providing the best service to our current customers. See for our other corn maze services & products. If you are a GIS dealer or individual looking to offer and support our technology for sales to corn maze owners, please contact us.

MazeGPS Explorer for Your Customers

MazeGPS Explorer may be the coolest feature to ever come to corn mazes. Let visitors see their precise position in the maze at any given time using the GPS in their mobile device. Visitors will see a fun character overlaid on their position on a map of the maze.

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Setup is easy. Just provide us with a map of the maze, and we load it in for you. If you cut the maze with GPS, send us your GPS files so we know where to precise place your map. If you do not have access to your files or you cut the maze without GPS, we can still provide MazeGPS Explorer. Ask for details.

MazeGPS Explorer costs $300/year. This fee includes:

Additional services such as customer signage is available for a fee.

Please be aware that:

  • While the MazeGPS is specifically designed for mobile use and data, please note that GPS features inherently use more device data and battery. Use is typically comparable to use of other smartphone GPS navigation uses.
  • GPS accuracy can vary by device and is only is as accurate as your device's hardware. Some iOS devices are known to have only approximate accuracy (25 ft+).
  • MazeGPS is not intended as an emergency safety device. Always follow local maze rules, and know how to exit a maze safely in an emergency without relying on technology.